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The 8x10 Commandments
We don't care what GOD your music prays to...
As long as you respect the church so others can pray tomorrow night.

  • #1) Longevity of The 8x10. Purity of music. Unity of minds. Personal Enjoyment. In That Order.
  • #2) The 8x10 is the building, the staff, the bands and the audience. The 8x10 includes the 4 walls and all they encompass. Take responsibility for The 8x10. This includes yourself and everything around you.
  • #3) Either by action OR BY INACTION, do no harm to The 8x10. (See #2.)
  • #4) The 8x10 shall police itself so the OTHER police don't feel they need to! If you see something that isn't cool, say something to someone.
  • #5) Even if you think The 8x10 is a safe place, doesn't mean it is. Be smart, trust no one and don't spin out of control.
  • #6) 2:00AM is the hour of closing and the hour of closing shall remain 2:00AM. As it is written in the book of the board of liquors, never shall the hour of closing exceed 2:00AM although earlier it may be. Doeth the right thingth and leaveth.
  • #7) The smoke and the smell stand out like a sore thumb, even if your are just one hitting on a cigarette to get a nicotine fix. Dont give some asshole a reason to call the Liquor Board on us. (See #3) VAPING IS ALLOWED SO ONLY VAPE
  • #8) ALL smoking shall be done outside, around the corner on Patapsco Street. THE BALTIMORE CITY POLICE WILL ENTER THE BUILDING IF WE HAVE PATRONS BLOCKING THE SIDEWALK. Vaping is allowed so only vape inside.
  • #9) Your right to enjoy yourself ends when you prevent others from enjoying themselves. Life is too short, music is too fleeting to let some asshole ruin it. Be tolerant, to a point, then be polite, then get a bartender.
  • #10) The stage is a sacred place for musicians to transport us all to greater heights. It's not your coat rack, purse shelf, drink table or dance floor. The dressing rooms are the place where bands go to prepare for their show. No one thinks it's cool that you snuck backstage and forced yourself into their world, except you. So don't do it. Period. Respect it.
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    This section is all about booking local and regional talent. We love good music. We love local music. We love giving new bands a decent shot at making a name for themselves. But we still need to pay the bills.

    If you think you can sell over 50 tickets then send an email to Please describe your band, your music, your fanbase. Include the last 5 dates you played in Baltimore City and surrounding area.

    Writing us an email does not me we are obligated to answer you. There are just too many requests to answer every one.

    As a headlining act you need to draw at least 150-175 people. Any less than that and you have to be an opener. Most national acts travel with or have to approve their opening acts so getting a slot can be difficult. If you think your band can bring in 50 people and work together with 2 other bands that can bring in 50 people, we will do a triple bill. Promote the show yourself. It’s up to you to make the show happen.

    If you have tried to get our attention and we haven’t responded, you can up your game and send us a presskit and cd through the USPS. Or if you believe enough in your band, you can approach us to rent the venue and take the financial risk/reward on yourself.

    Hey I Know a Band...

    You are welcome to rent the venue. If you want to have an end of the season party for your rugby or volleyball team, we can handle it. If you want to treat your sales team to a great night with a live band, we can handle it. Basically...we can handle it.

    How Does It Work?

    We can provide serveral different plans for renting the venue so it really depends on your needs, but the option most people select is a flat rate rental where you are responsible for the band. We provide the staffing and clean up. Most people either pay for an Open Bar or elect to just offer a certain draft beer for free.

    How Is This Different From Promoting a Show?

    It really isn’t that much different. In fact some shows we strongly suggest venue rental as the most appropriate way to go. CD Release Parties are a great example. DVD Shoots are another example of an event that benefits from being a venue rental. If you know the band and really are only planning on your friends and collegues attending it is probably a venue rental.

    The 8x10 is very supportive of recording live music. We are even more supportive of trading live music. Both are good things that help bands build and or strengthen their fanbase. If you would like to read more about some of the ways The 8x10 is instituting programs that live up to those statements, please check out the “GET MUSIC” section.

    Due to the configuration of the club, we have decided to eliminate the use of microphones by tapers. The club has installed a matched pair of Audix SCX-25s and provide a Henry Engineering Patch Bay for people to patch into and record the shows.

    What we provide: 6 R-L paired RCA connections, 6 R-L paired 1/4” phono connections, 2 R-L paired XLR connections, AC Power, a semi-secure location to setup, a slightly more secure location to store your baggage.

    The 8x10 always pushes the bands to allow a soundboard/ambient blend for audience recordings, but on the slim chance that they do not allow this we try to provide just the audience mics. Some bands, however, still refuse taping of any sort.

    If you would like to comment on this policy, please feel free to contact me directly. We are solely responsible for this policy and would be happy to discuss the reasoning behind it in depth with anyone, as we are well aware that it is a unique situation.

    While we allow photography in The 8x10, we do have a few house rules. The first is the audience and band come first before you and your camera. As a photographer you must try to be as unintrusive as possible. The second is you can NOT go onstage. Period. The third is you can NOT use flash. Period.

    We will do as much as we can to accomodate you. All we really ask are that you respect the reason why everyone is here. To see the band. That comes first ahead of everything else.

    What Time Does The Band Go On?

    All I can tell you for sure is when doors open and the last band ends. The set times are decided by the bands, and the promoter. Good rule of thumb is to expect music 30 to 40 minutes after the time on your ticket.

    How Old Do I Have To Be To Get In?

    All I can tell you for sure is how old you have to be in order to drink. 21.

    All shows are 18 and over.

    We are very strict about our “NO TOLERANCE” stand on underage drinking.

    If you are under 21 there is a $3 additional charge that you pay when you enter with your I.D.

    What Is The Deal With The Service Charges?

    All I can tell you for sure is...well I can tell you all of this for sure. On every ticket sold here this is a $2 facility fee. Sometimes ticket prices go up the day of the show so if you want the absolute cheapest ticket, you should purchase in advance. At no extra cost you can charge by phone after 6pm on days we have a show and pick up the tickets at will call. 410.625.2000. For your convienence we also offer the tickets online through DICE.FM. (fees apply)

    How Can I Work At The 8x10?

    Easy. All you need to do is not care about good pay, long hours, benefits, career advancement, or stock options. You do however, need to be able to have a good time, care more about music than anything else, have a twisted sense of humor, and at least one but no more then three really big skeletons in your closet. Really big secrets are ok too.



    The show happens in the moment. We all know that. However some shows just need to be listened to again. Sometimes there is something you will hear or feel that you didn't the first time around. Sometimes they are just that good they beg to be heard again. With this in mind Abigail devised our program to get the music in your hands.


    We had USB drives printed up and if you purchase one, you can give it to the soundman and he will give you a copy of the performance from that night. The drives are USB 3.0 compatible for the fastest transfers.

    If only a few people people ask, we can probably get them copied while you wait! However if there are alot of people you will have to leave your drive with us and pick it up the next time around.

    There will be no charge for the music of course. If you purchase one of our drives there is a one time charge of $20.00 for the drive itself. You can use the drive for anything you want, so if you need a thumb drive for business and want to represent...come on! However, if you want to bring in your own drive, that's ok too! PLEASE BRING A USB 3.0 COMPATIBLE DRIVE as the program is pretty popular and we need to have the fastest transfer rates possible. If your drive is too slow we may tell you that you will have to switch to another drive in the future.

    Of course, the only shows we can distribute are the ones where the bands allow us. We can not make recordings available without permission from the band.


    The 8x10 is owned by Abigail Janssens and Brian Shupe. We try to provide a stable place where bands and fans can grow together through music and art. We try to provide a safe atmosphere for bands and fans to let go of the weight of day to day life and shed some of the protective layers this world demands. We try to encourage an environment where bands and fans are aware of, support, and take care of each other every night. This is what we feel you expect from us, and also what we expect from you.

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